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The Quest Center

Upskilling India's young talent for the digital workforce

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We are on a mission to provide financial security to India's underprivileged youth through technical training and quality job placements

What We Do

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Cutting-edge curriculum

We create rigorous easy-to-understand video based courses in fields like Digital Marketing, Sales/CRM, Data Analytics; emphasising hands on projects and practical job-ready skills.

Digital Marketing classes held in rural colleges

Classes in rural colleges

We partner with rural colleges to offer a one year program, on campus, for third year students enrolled in any degree program. It is a hybrid learning model where our digital content is delivered by local teachers.

Students working on a project

English and job readiness

In addition to technical training, we conduct regular written and spoken English classes to help students become better communicators. 

Helping students with job placements

Help with Job Placements

We have an in-house recruitment team that contacts employers for open job opportunities and helps facilitate interviews for students graduating from our program.


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Empower India's Underprivileged Youth

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