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Current Projects

We are currently running two pilot programs with NavGurukul, an excellent non-profit providing residential education and job placement for underprivileged girls all across India.

NavGurukul Pune
School of Business

We started a School of Business with 16 students on the Pune campus of NavGurukul in May 2023. As of  March of 2024, 12 of the 16 girls have been placed in corporate jobs paying 15-25K INR per month.

NavGurukul Jashpur
School of Business

We started with a batch 25 high school graduate girls from the local community in Jashpur, Chattisgarh in June 2023. The students came in with no computer literacy and have gone through classes in Digital Marketing, Salesforce and English communication with excellent results. They will be eligible for placements starting June 2024.

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