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Introduction to CRM & Salesforce

Course Description

This course introduces the concept of CRM and provides a detailed understanding and practical usage of Salesforce, which is the most popular CRM platform

Course objectives

The content and learning activities in this course are designed to help students achieve the following objectives: 

  • Learn how to use Salesforce CRM software to manage customer relationships through various stages of the Sales cycle.

  • Learn how to improve customer experience.

  • Utilise CRM data to power data-driven decision making.

  • Get real world experience by implementing practical use cases.

  • Get placed in a relevant lucrative job.

Student Learning Outcomes  (SLOs)

At the end of the course the learner will be able to:

  • Understand the concepts of Database and CRM

  • Identify the application of the sales process

  • Apply the  use of  Salesforce in different business functions

  • Configure and use Salesforce for marketing, sales and customer service.

  • Create knowledge bases, reports and dashboards and their usage.

  • Understand use cases for how Salesforce can provide value to sales teams.

Mode of instruction

Hybrid teaching model where our digital content is delivered by local teachers

Student’s eligibility criteria

  • Students in rural colleges enrolled in the final year of undergraduate or post graduate programs

  • Basic knowledge of Mathematics and English

Duration of Course

12 Weeks

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